The Eliminator Odor Control

  • Kills both fecal and amine odors
  • Has a pleasant green apple fragrance
  • A repellant against animals leaving waste
  • Kills fly larvae, prevents maggot infestation of dumpsters and other problem areas

The Eliminator is the best odor counteracting chemical on the market today. It uses a group of organic acids to expand amine molecules to infinity which literally kills the odor, not mask it. These acids in conjunction with our patented chemical Odorone, will kill both fecal and amine odors, both airborne and ground borne odors. If sprayed around the perimeter of the facility it will stop animals from leaving a mess. It is totally safe to use and is used in Nursing Homes and Hospitals in their dirty linen lockers and is added to laundry to eliminate urine odors. It will kill odors on contact.


  • Quarts 12 spray bottles to a case – 50 cases to a skid
  • 4 one gallon bottles to a case – 48 cases to a skid
  • 5 gallon pails – 36 pails to a skid